Specialty Medical Center



1800 Old Bluegrass Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40215

Phone: 502.375.6643
Fax: 502.375.6632

Clinic hours are Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m.


The Hazelwood Specialty Clinic offers nutrition consultation provided by registered dietitians with experience working with the IDD population.

Registered Dietitians provide nutrition counseling and education as part of preventive, curative and restorative health care. Hazelwood residents receive a nutrition assessment with individualized recommendations for an appropriate diet as well as recommendations to increase physical activity.

Medical nutrition therapy services include treatment and services for the following: 

Weight Loss and Management  •  Enteral Nutrition and Support  •  Diabetes

Heart Disease  •  Gastrointestinal Disorders  •  Renal Disease  •  Prader Willi Syndrome

At Hazelwood, our registered dietitians are registered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration and licensed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Credentials are maintained through continuing education to ensure the most current nutritional information and practices are available to the residents.